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I’m Nicole Walters - Income Strategist,
entrepreneur and founder of The Monetized Life™.
I spent over 10 years as an executive at Fortune 500 companies where I built and managed relationships with multi-billion dollar corporations.

Then, I quit my job live on Periscope in front of 10,000 people.


Because like you, I wanted financial independence and the freedom that comes with it.
I didn’t want to wake up one day and realize that I’d lived a ‘comfortable’ life instead of pushing past my fear to work in my purpose.

So I quit my job and applied the techniques I'd learned in the corporate world to start and grow my own business. In less than a year, I was able to build a steady, seven-figure gig!

Now, I teach everyday entrepreneurs how to apply the same techniques to build their business, get more sales and live the monetized life.

I’m here to help you…

Find Clarity I don’t just tell you what to do next – I show you exactly how to do it to build real, passive income, step-by-step.
Grow Your Network Join a passionate, growing network of people like you excited to offer advice, support and share in your journey
Gain Confidence Kick self-doubt to the curb and “do it afraid!” I equip you with the tools you need to push past your fear and take action. It’s not “ra-ra” fluff – it’s actionable advice.
Monetize Your Life! There are practical, proven ways to turn your skills and passions into increased income, and I’m here to show you how

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That all comes down to what you need!

My site is full of resources to help you overcome business challenges, improve your sales and crush it in the entrepreneurial game.

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Do. The. Work, and success WILL come.

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Nicole Walters